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HI I'm Leslie-Ann and I am a Christian Mindset Coach for women. I help women renew their minds, stop limiting beliefs and. live a joy-filled life like Jesus intended. I focus on figuring out what limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck, and unable to go after your dreams, or keeping you from answering your calling or keeping you stuck in bad relationships or dating cycles with the wrong men. I want to help you know your worth, be free and own it. I offer one on one coaching, E-Courses, Public Speaking, and more.


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Leslie-Ann Fletcher

Coach Leslie


The reason I became a Christian Mindset Coach is because I wanted to help women be free, stop limiting beliefs, know their worth, love themselves, and live happy purpose filled lives.

A few years ago I was a woman who didn't love herself and who was in love with love. I didn't love myself and I let a relationship define me. Once the relationship was over I felt empty and didn't know who I was. That is when I created my blog, I Want My Kisses Back where I shared my relationship experiences and my journey to self-love. It was that blog that helped me realize my passion; helping women to realize that they are so much more than relationships, and that happiness comes from within and truly being free in Christ.

I got closer to God spiritually and I took time to really learn about myself. I took a hard look at myself and I didn't like who I was becoming. I was insecure, didn't know my purpose, and I was lost. I didn't know how to be happy and I didn't know how to be alone. I learned that when you make someone your everything the moment you lose them you lose everything. I stopped doing that and I took charge of my life. I worked on my spiritual relationship with God and I took the necessary steps in order to love me again so I could live in my purpose, empowered and confident as ever.

Throughout this process and through my blog I realized I wasn't alone, there were so many women and young girls who didn't respect themselves, who didn't love themselves and who were just as lost as I was. My blog and my youtube channel was helping women and it made them see that they were perfectly imperfect and could do anything once they started loving themselves wholeheartedly and once they changed their mindsets and were set free. I became a coach to help women renew their minds, be free, find their inner Queen so that they can excel in their careers, friendships, relationships, in pursuing their passions and help them find freedom and true happiness.

Take this journey with me!!!

Fun Facts about Me

  • I absolutely love to travel!

  • My Family is from Jamaica.

  • I used to play soccer, do gymnastics, dance, play tennis and I know how to hula hoop.

Professional Bio

Coach Leslie has two bachelor’s degrees from Boston College in English and Communication. She absolutely loves to write and has always had a zeal for helping people. Leslie’s passion is helping women renew their minds, know their worth, be free and live empowered lives; as well as singing and acting.

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