The Birth of Self-Love Empowers

The word, EXCITED would be an understatement. I am so proud and ecstatic to announce the launch of my first business, my baby, my work, “Self-Love Empowers”. When I think of, “Self-Love Empowers,” I think of purpose. I think of vision and change. It’s crazy how God works things out and gives you clarity.

“Self-Love Empowers” was only a thought years ago. In fact, the thought didn’t even exist. I started my blog, “I Want My Kisses Back” back in 2011 with no idea that it would lead me to my purpose. I had been in and out of a terrible relationship and didn’t know my worth and had lost my way and purpose. I was honestly a hot mess. I decided one day that I wanted to blog my experiences in the dating world and help other women and girls not make the same mistakes in dating and relationships that I did.

In the process of finding myself (I am finding myself more and more everyday) I realized that what helped me realize my worth and live again was my relationship with God and my relationship with self. I then decided to shift my blog to not just be about dating and relationships but about loving one’s self, and self-discovery. I saw that there were so many women and girls like myself who didn’t know who they were, who didn’t respect themselves, and who didn’t love themselves. I had become stagnant and was not chasing my dreams. I forgot what my dreams were all because I made a man my dream. After working on my relationship with God and loving myself I finally had vision, purpose and a sense of self-worth. The feedback I received on my videos and on my blog posts were inspiring. To know that I was not only motivating woman and girls but also empowering them meant the world to me.

Which brings us here. I realized that my passions included singing, acting, and empowering. I knew I wanted to create a safe space for women to face their insecurities and lack of self-worth that paralyzed them from really taking action in their lives. I knew I wanted to help women to start living instead of just existing; to stop comparing themselves to others and using things, people or relationships to define them. Once I started loving myself I became empowered and decided that one of my life’s missions would be to lift up, support, and help women embrace their inner Queens while living life on their terms. I believe that without self-worth and a healthy self-esteem you cannot achieve anything in life. In order to find one’s passion, realize one’s worth and really live a truly happy and amazing life one needs to love themselves unapologetically and know their value. I have worked long and hard, even cried a bit on creating this vision and I am so happy to finally have launched. This is truly a blessing and could not have manifested without God and I am truly grateful and excited to take this next step into purpose. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, and I look forward to motivating, inspiring and empowering women and girls everywhere.

Remember to, Be Confident, Be Empowered, Be Yourself



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