3 Ways To Start Loving Yourself Unconditionally

1) Accept Yourself and Love Yourself Right Now – Self-Love is Self-Acceptance. Stop waiting for certain things to change and happen before you love yourself. Stop waiting for that job, a relationship or to lose weight, etc before you love yourself. Loving yourself means loving yourself now flaws and all. You must accept who you are and embrace it. It is okay to want to make some healthy life choices and have goals but do not base your happiness and self-love on those external things; because the moment you do not have those things you won’t have that so called “love” you had either. Love yourself Right Now Queen!

2) Forgive yourself – Loving yourself unconditionally means loving yourself even when you make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and when you love yourself you are able to forgive yourself, learn from the situation, and grow without putting yourself down. Jesus died on the cross so that we may be forgiven for our sins. We must treat ourselves the way that we want others to treat us. If God can forgive so many for their sins, surely we can forgive others as well as ourselves. When you don’t forgive yourself you hold onto bitterness and pain. Loving yourself is not holding on to what hurts you. Loving yourself is forgiving yourself and growing from it. Forgive yourself Queen.

3) Take care of yourself /Date Yourself/ and say NO: When you are in a relationship with someone else you treat that person with love, respect; you wine and dine them, make time for them, you are supportive, you listen, and you pray for them. When you choose to be with someone you accept them flaws and all and you love them despite their shortcomings. You must treat yourself like you would treat a significant other. You must love yourself unconditionally; that means taking yourself out, making time for yourself, encouraging yourself, being your biggest fan, respecting yourself, praying for yourself and loving yourself despite your own flaws and shortcomings. When you love yourself unconditionally that means that sometimes you will have to say no and put your needs first. When you love yourself unconditionally you know that you cannot pour from an empty cup and so you treat yourself like the Queen you are and say NO to things, people, and scenarios that do not serve you or your purpose. You say NO when things don’t feel right because you trust yourself and your intuition. You say NO without explaining why. To love yourself unconditionally means taking care of yourself always. Loving yourself unconditionally means going to the doctor for regular check ups, taking care of your body, your mental health and doing things for you.

How are you loving yourself unconditionally? Let me know in the comments. Stay blessed Queen

– Coach Leslie

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