4 Steps to Help You Figure Out Your Purpose

I remember graduating from college feeling lost. I had originally planned on becoming a lawyer, but I realized I didn’t want what came with that career choice and I did not have a true passion for it. You see God was calling me to something else but I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I started my blog, www.iwantmykissesback.com the year after graduating after undergoing a long and painful relationship, and I realized my passions included helping women and girls, singing and acting. I knew I wanted to sing and act but the practical side of me kept thinking well I better have a backup. Deep down inside I felt I had a purpose that was bigger than me. Even when it came to my music it was all about connecting to other people and making them feel something. I also wanted to empower women to feel beautiful, to know their worth and to truly live a life of purpose. Once I finally paid attention to all of God’s signs it all started coming together in alignment.

For those of you who feel lost and like you do not know what you are called to do, I want you to know you are not alone. I too was lost and went on a journey of self-discovery (which is of course an on-going one) to find out what God truly wanted for my life. I know what it’s like to sit at a job feeling like you’re wasting away or to feel unfulfilled. I want you to know that you do have a purpose and there is no one else like you and that is your power. Here are 4 steps to help you figure out your purpose. Once you find out what your purpose is, your life is going to change.

1) Write down your strengths, passions, and the things you love to do. What would you do for free? When I was feeling lost about what I wanted to do, I decided to make a list of all of the things that I knew I was good at. Some things I didn’t even realize I was good at because it came that easy to me. I then wrote about all the things I was passionate about from, performing, to types of music, to helping children and women, to laughter and travel. I took some serious time on this one, and then asked myself what I would do if I could do it for free. Write this all down and then really access your list.

2) Ask yourself what kind of life do you want; i.e. your schedule (do you want a steady schedule 9-5, would you prefer a night shift, or making your own hours), do you want to travel often? to be able to work from home etc. What are your values and what do you feel you most want out of career? Write this all down.

3) Shadow someone. If you feel completely lost then I encourage you to go out in the world and shadow people in different careers. You can even do informational interviews, which allow you the chance to speak to someone in a specific field and ask them what their honest day in the life is. I did this and it helped me to figure out what I did not want to do and narrow it down. It was awesome hearing the reality of certain jobs because sometimes certain careers are sugarcoated in the media and not truly portrayed realistically. You can even ask to shadow someone for a day to see what it could be like and if that career lines up with your values and if it excites your spirit.

4) Realize that there is purpose in your pain. The reason I started Self-Love Empowers was because after being in a tumultuous relationship I realized I didn’t love myself and that it was stifling my growth in all areas of my life. I realized that so many other women and girls didn’t love themselves or know their worth just like I didn’t. I was broken and went through so much pain and at the time I didn’t know why. Now, I know that there is true purpose in my pain and that I can now help other broken women by teaching them how to love themselves and truly know their worth. I want you to realize that the pain you went through is not in vain. What you went through made you stronger and wiser and there is purpose in your pain.

I hope you liked these 4 steps for helping you figure out your purpose!

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” – Gautama Buddha

Make sure to share this article and spread the love! And remember to, Be Empowered, Be Confident, Be Yourself Queen.

– Coach Leslie

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