Are you in Alignment with God?

Are you on the same page as God?

Are you letting him guide you?

My Pastor, Toure Roberts (you can check him out on YouTube) at my church has been doing a series on alignment and it really has been eye-opening and has made me think about a lot of things. I wanted to share some key things that I am learning from the series with you all in this blog post. It is still only the beginning of 2017 but I can honestly say that I feel I am in alignment with God and that he is guiding my tracks. In fact whenever I seem to get off track he guides me right back to where I need to be. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement in my life in some areas but I am paying attention so I can get that together and really make progress towards my destiny. I want you to really ask yourself if you are in alignment with God’s purpose for your life.

There are a few things that will happen when you are in alignment with God. When you are in alignment with God you do not have to chase opportunities, opportunities will find you. Doors will be open to you that you never even knew could open. I know this from experience. When you stay focused and work hard on your purpose God sees this and will open the right doors at the right time. You won’t have to chase anything because the right opportunities will just present themselves.

Being in alignment with God also means being in the right company. Who is in your circle? I have talked about this a few times on the Self-Love Empowers Instagram page. The wrong people and relationships can push you off the track that God has for your life and delay your blessings. Really ask yourself who are you surrounding yourself with. Who are you spending your time with? Do these people lift you up or put you down? Make sure you are around positive and uplifting people.

When you are not in alignment with God you will know. You will feel uneasy in your spirit and lost. But when you are in alignment you will feel peace and a sense of direction. When you are in alignment with God you will begin to hear his voice more and will be able to allow him to guide your steps. One other thing that happens when you are in alignment with God is that you will see the favor that God has placed on your life. Being in alignment means being intentional and not wasting your time with random things and situations. You do not have time for random. Do everything with purpose! In order to be in alignment with God you have to cut out the things that you know are holding you back. You have to maintain discipline and work on your self-control like your life depends on it, because it does. The price of not being in alignment with God is way too high. God wants to not only do for you but “do with you” (My first Lady, Sarah Jakes Roberts said this and it was truly inspiring)! How amazing is it to know that God wants to partner with you?

Are you in your own way? Trust me, God wants you to succeed in all areas of your life if you would just let him. Get in alignment! And know that you are not alone! You got this!

Thanks for reading Queens!

– Coach Leslie

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