How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes the world can throw some hard times at us. In this day and age with social media we can feel criticism from the outside world everywhere we turn, but what about when the criticism is from ourselves. Sometimes, we self-sabotage ourselves by telling ourselves lies, and then in turn believing those lies. The world is already tough, and while I believe that it is important not to let outside attacks invade your personal peace or space I also think it is important that you don’t attack yourself. We tend to sometimes put ourselves down, or hold ourselves back by not fulfilling our true potential. In this blog post I want to give you a few ways in which you can stop being your own worst enemy today!

1) Stop doubting yourself and get out of your own way: When you doubt yourself you tell yourself that you are incapable of doing something without even trying. When you don’t even try you miss opportunities to not only learn but to also grow. You will never know if you don’t try and even so sometimes you have to try more than once until you get it. You could be blocking your blessings by telling yourself what you think you can and cannot do. God’s best can easily surpass what you think you are capable of doing and so it is imperative to stop doubting yourself and get out of your way so that you can take leaps in life and move forward.

2) Take risks and stop settling for what you believe is safe: On the other side of your fear is opportunity. I challenge you to do something you have never done before and to go outside of your comfort zone and take a chance. If you have always wanted to travel, save up and travel, if you have always wanted to play an instrument, take a lesson. And if something does not work out do not take it as a loss take it as a gain because every experience in life teaches you something new about yourself.

3) Trust Yourself: Understand that there is no one else like you and that is your power. Understand that you are valuable and so are your decisions. We may not always make the best decisions but we always learn by making them. I challenge you to trust yourself and follow your heart.

4) Give Yourself A Break: Are you being too tough on yourself? Are you overworking yourself to the point of burnout? You cannot pour from an empty cup. When you overwhelm yourself you become your own worst enemy because you aren’t giving yourself a chance to breathe or to have some you time. Give yourself a break, you deserve it!

5) Stop trying to please and impress other people: We become our own worst enemies when we try to impress other people. It is your life and you need to be happy with you. Trying to please other people will only hurt you. You cannot be a people pleaser and a God pleaser at the same time, and besides trying to please everyone is exhausting. Your only competition should be yourself. Let go of other people’s expectations for yourself and stop making unrealistic ones for yourself as well. Do you boo!

6) Show yourself compassion: You are human. We all make mistakes. I want you to stop beating yourself up when you make a mistake. I want you to forgive yourself and show yourself the same compassion that you show others. Loving yourself means showing yourself compassion even when you mess up, because we all do. Learn from the mistake, grow from it, and keep it moving. No one is perfect, but you are perfectly imperfect and it is time you started embracing it.

Stop getting in your own way by being your own worst enemy. We have so many things going on in the world and enemies that are trying to attack our purposes and destinies, there is no need to add to the fire. You are amazing and I want you to look in the mirror and say that until you believe it wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for reading!

-Coach Leslie

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