How To Be A High Value Woman

What exactly does it mean to be a high value woman? A high value woman is a woman who knows her worth, a woman who doesn’t settle for crumbs or the bare minimum in all areas of her life. In this blog post I wanted to talk about how to be a woman of high value, how to maintain that value, and the benefits that come with it. This is an area that I have struggled with for a long time. In fact it is a part of why I started Self-Love Empowers because I know a lot of women struggle with this as well. Today I write for you all but I also write for myself. Let’s take this journey together.

Being a woman of high value is important when it comes to dating as well as receiving opportunities in life. Have you ever met a woman or had a friend who always seemed to get the guy or who always had men, and opportunities chasing after her? It wasn’t even about looks it was about her confidence and the way she carried herself. If you ever wondered why that woman stood out or why she always seemed to be in demand, it’s because she knew her worth and is a high value woman. I have made the mistake of forgetting who God has told me I am on many occasions, especially in dating. And due to this, I have accepted poor treatment or experienced the dreaded disappearing act or fade out that we all know about. One thing I want to say is that if a guy disappears on you or fades out that has nothing to do with your value. Your value does not diminish because of someone’s inability to see it; it diminishes because of your own inability to see it.

In order to be a woman of high value you must:

Have Standards:

A high value woman has standards and values that she sticks to. She doesn’t allow any person or any guy to allow her to lower her standards. High value woman do not care if someone doesn’t like them. They are who they are and they embrace every part of themselves, including their flaws. High value woman do not try to change and be what others want them to be, they are who they are and that is that. An example of a high value woman is a woman who sets a standard that she only wants to date a guy who actually communicates with her outside of impersonal texting. I will not date someone who only texts me and doesn’t call me. I will delete someone if they do not communicate or if they are not consistent because I know I am worth consistency, communication and so much more. But on top of that I also know that you cannot build something real if you do not have real methods of communication. Texting is okay for here and there but it cannot be the only mode of communication. Sometimes we as women will accept bs and half-assed communication and effort. High value women do not do half-assed. To be a high value woman you must have standards and you must stick to them. If you believe in God and you want to be with someone who also believes in God, do not budge in order to fit someone else’s ideal.

A high value woman is not afraid to walk away and say no:

A high value woman not only has standards but she also is not afraid to walk away from a situation, a guy, or opportunity if it is not working out. If someone is treating her badly or not fitting her standards she doesn’t give ultimatums, she doesn’t wait around for them to change, she simply walks away. If she expresses how she feels and nothing changes she walks away. She is not afraid of what she is losing because she knows her worth and she knows that the guy for her would never put himself into a position to lose her. She also does not tolerate situations that don’t feel right or that don’t match up with her abilities. She is not afraid to keep it moving because she knows there is something out there that is better for her. She knows that holding onto nothing or something less than what she deserves will only hold her back.

A high value woman attracts high value things and loves herself unapologetically:

Attraction is so important, and negativity attracts negativity, and positivity attracts positivity. This is the same concept for a high value woman. A high value woman is a woman who loves herself flaws and all and exudes positivity. High value women are the ones who get who and what they want because they are positive women who smile and embrace life. They don’t need anyone else to validate them and they attract like-minded individuals and opportunities. When a high value woman walks into a room she demands attention because she knows who she is and loves herself fiercely. She is confident, happy and positive and so she attracts those things.

A high value woman has her own life and interests:

A woman of high value has a busy and productive life. She is building her empire if she doesn’t already have one. She has many different interests and a full life. She sees life as a gift and does not take it for granted. She spends time with her friends, spends time with herself, and tries new things and is well rounded in a multitude of areas. She is a woman that people admire and look up to. She is on it and a boss. She attracts men because she doesn’t need outside validation. She has already validated herself and has a fun filled life. She is content on her own. A high value woman loves her life and if any guy wants to be a part of her life he must be amazing and able to add to it, otherwise she can do without.

A high value woman is not always available:

A woman of high value is productive. She does not stay busy just to stay busy, she has a busy life because she is about her business and is actively enjoying her own life. She does not cancel her plans for a man and she does not call or text him non-stop or jump when he says jump. He has to plan in advance if he wants to see her because she is a priority and if he wants to be in her life he will have to make her one too and value her time. High value women do not waste their time on things or people that do not serve them. She is not cocky, but confident. She is bold, beautiful and knows what she brings to the table. She is the table! She is not always available because she is living her life. She makes time for who and what she wants within reason.

The Benefits of being a high value woman:

Being a high value woman comes with many benefits. A high value woman will not have to chase opportunities because opportunities will chase her. A high value woman will attract high value people. Any guys who do not fit her standards or see her worth will get left. She will not tolerate disrespect, being put on the backburner or inconsistency. A high value woman demands respect. It is easy to be liked, but far better to be valued. When a man respects you, he will value you. If a guy likes you but does not value you, you will know. He will take you for granted and string you along and waste your time. You teach someone how to treat you by how you treat yourself. When you value yourself you will only accept high value things and nothing less. Most importantly when you know who God says you are you will not accept anything less than what he says you deserve. You will not cry over that guy who starts acting up because you will know that there is so much better waiting for you. You will not look back because you will know wasting time looking back at “nothing” makes no sense. A high value woman is an empowered woman. So I ask you Queen who are you? Do you value yourself? Be a woman of high value from this day forward. Be Confident, Be Empowered, Be Yourself. Thanks for reading Queens.

-Coach Leslie

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